Business Loan Rates

Effective as of January 1, 2022


Loan TypeTermAnnual
Monthly Payment Per $1,000 Borrowed for the first term payments based on Initial RateMonthly Payment Per $1,000 Borrowed for the remaining payments based on 30 year Amortization and Current Rate
Mortgage Adjustable2 Year4.75%1, 2, 6$5.22$5.22
Mortgage Adjustable5 Year5.00%1, 2, 6$5.37$5.37
Mortgage Adjustable8 Year5.95%1, 2, 6$5.97$5.97
Mortgage Adjustable15 Year6.55%1, 2, 6$6.36$6.36
Mortgage Fixed5 Year4.95%2$18.85$18.85
Mortgage Fixed10 Year5.75%2$10.98$10.98
Mortgage Fixed15 Year6.25%2$8.58$8.58
Auto, Machinery and EquipmentUp to 15 Years5.95% to 7.00%4$8.99$8.99
UnsecuredUp to 15 Years7.75%5$9.43$9.43
  1. Notes can be refinanced/modified not to exceed 15 year term and amortized up to 30 years
  2. Mortgages available for:
    1. Refinance or purchase
    2. New York and New Jersey
    3. 1-4 family non-owner occupied
    4. Commercial
    5. Investment
    6. Vacant land, and
    7. Up to 80% of value
  3. Loans available for:
    1. Refinance, purchase, or cash out,
    2. New York,
    3. Fleet and
    4. Individual, and
    5. Up to 80% of value
  4. Up to 70% of Value
  5. Based on credit, business, and cash flow
  6. Rates and terms are based on Consumers FCU posted rates Notes can be refinanced/modified not to exceed 15 year term and amortized up to 30 years

*Borrowers with negative credit, including but not limited to, late payments, collection accounts, judgments, charge-offs and bankruptcies (within 2 years) are subject to a 4.00% increase on the current interest rate listed.

Would you like to estimate the payments on any of these loans? Our loan calculator can help you with the numbers.

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